I like to think that James has a thing where he wants to “respect the warriors of the old” so he refrains from using medi-gel on stuff that isn’t life threatening. Work through the pain, build some character.
Ink on paper // 2014
A flash art inspired picture because Donald Duck’s bday is coming up
it’s that time of the year again
Doodled the McPoyles
Drops out of art school to become full-time jimmy rustler
Commit// ink and watercolour on paper // 2014

Madonna and child // Skyler and Holly aquarelle and ink on paper , 2014 

I’ve been meaning to flesh out this idea I’ve had for a while and now I finally got around to doing it. I’m planning on making more religious art inspired Breaking Bad pictures soon…I like how this turned out, though it’s a bit plain, I kind of wanted more detail but I didn’t really know where I could’ve fit any without making the picture too crowded. 
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